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Where is Camp Wabashi?
The camp is located on 80 acres 8 miles south of Terre Haute, IN.  It is found on Harlan Dr. about 3 miles east of US 41, about 75 miles southwest of Indianapolis.
What are the Facilities?
The boy’s hill has three cabins and a shower house and the girl’s hill has four cabins with built-in bathrooms. Other facilities include a lodge buildingnurse's cabin, outdoor chapel area, softball field, soccer field, volleyball courts, basketball court, hiking trails, playground, and a lake.

What is the Focus?
Worshipping God and studying His word are the focus of all activities at Camp Wabashi. There are Bible studies, devotionals around the campfire, and worship at the chapel. Singing songs of praise and devotion is always a part of Christian camping.

Sports & Activities
Sports are also a part of any camp experience. There is volleyball, basketball, softball, kickball, tetherball, pool, air hockey and ping pong. On the lake there is canoeing and kayaking.

Who may come?
Anyone who likes the fun and adventure of being outdoors may be a camper at Camp Wabashi. Children and youth of any race, religious affiliation or national origin may attend the camp.  To be a cabin camper you must be at least eight years old and be by the start of camp.

When do I arrive / leave?
Full weeks Check in from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Sunday. Check out at 9:00 am Saturday.
Weekend retreats Check in at 6:00 pm Friday. Check out at 2:00 pm Sunday.

What does it cost? 
The camp operates, half on camp fees, half on donations. A great effort is made to keep camp fees low so that the Christian camp experience is open to as many as possible. Please look at the current year camp application to see the deposit and full cost to attend each event. Our fees cover the entire cost of attending. Full weeks offer an early bird rate if the registration is postmarked before June 1st.

Who's on Staff?
An excellent staff of Christian teachers and counselors will be working under the direction of a Camp Wabashi director. The staff will also include a nurse, Bible teachers, kitchen help and other personnel who will provide an exciting week of Christian camping.

How do I Register?
Go to campwabashi.org and create a log-in.  After logging in, select the event you wish to attend.  Fill out the required information and submit payment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you submit your registration.  You can also print out the application and mail it in with payment.  The application can be found under CAMPERS->APPLICATIONS

What is Canteen? 
Canteen is a snack time where campers are allowed to pick items they wish to eat as a snack. There's ice-cream, candy bars, soft drinks, bottled water, gatorade and many more items.  These items are included in the cost of camp.  During most weeks of camp, canteen is offered twice a day.  Once during the afternoon and again in the late evening.
What should I bring?
  • A Bible
  • Clothes:  At least 2 sets per day (SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR) and at least 1 pair of long pants.  
    • Also some weeks have a banquet, so a set of dress clothes might be good to have.
  • Bathroom supplies: Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, towels
  • Outdoor supplies: Flashlight, Bug Spray, Sunscreen (SPF 30 ) 
  • Trashbag to put dirty laundry in
  • A pillow and either a sleeping bag or twin size bedsheet set and a blanket
What should I NOT bring? 
  • Skimpy clothing
  • Cell phones
  • Electronics (small fans are ok)
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons of any kind.